I’m Laura. I’m 27 years old. A law graduate. A struggling actress (the dream). A person who used to model. I’m in recovery for depression, PTSD and anxiety. And struggling.




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  1. I think I began following you on Twitter after reading a poignant tweet of yours many moons ago. You always made me laugh, maybe not out loud but enough to raise a wry smile at your madcap lifestyle!
    Recently you have been missed from my timeline. I now realise what you have been through and can’t really express my sadness at this. At the same time I felt uplifted by your positive blog and would like to wish you Happy Birthday x ( sorry for rambling on)


  2. That’s a really beautiful letter, it must have taken some serious guts for you to go the festival. And what a heart-warming response from Glastonbury. I hope you find the peace you deserve. Take care,

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  3. I have just read your blog posts and I could not leave without telling you how admirable you really are. You are an example for all women in that speaking out is the bravest thing you could do and when you have those low points remember how strong you are to have faced the hardships you have, and still wake up every morning ready to fight the world and what it has to give you.

    If you feel like you want to speak with someone, and the public services are failing at helping you with this, please feel free to message me instead of feeling like is there to listen. That’s not true, there are many people out there who will try their hardest to understand and help you feel less alone in this world.

    Stay strong and keep fighting like the warrior you are miss.


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  4. Letter to Glastonbury …. I have a friend who is one of the main organisers… I will forward your AMAZING letter and I am nearly certain it will reach its intended destination.
    I’m so pleased your faith in humanity has been restored and it has helped in your healing process!!!
    Live life and enjoy it Laura!! 😁😁❤️️❤️️

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  5. Wow, I’m just after reading your Glastonbury experience and how it had to be like that for you! Well done to Glastonbury for how they dealt with you, it’s amazing to hear there is a heart behind these big events.

    Something very similar happened to me when I should have been safe at work. The police however never ever found out who my attacker was. I also never really took in what happened to me. Friends cried when they found out as news travels fast where I work. I found myself comforting them and telling them it was ok. To this day my family have no idea that this thing has happened to me. As I was/am so ashamed that this has happened to someone like me…I always considered myself a fighter, a strong independent female…how could this happen to me!! You are so brave for dealing with this the way you have and I admire that so much.
    Good luck with everything and I hope this despicable pig does jail time and everyone knows what he is capable of!!

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  6. The strongest people always get the toughest battles to fight ! You will get through this. As for anyone who hurted you in any way possible, KARMA is gonna get back to them, trust me. And I would love for you to be here and see it all, so hang on ❤!

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  7. Im not one to be stumped on what to say,but your story was overwhelming,your so brave for sharing it with all who sees it, i have shared this publicly and with working within the security industry hopefully it will be shared far and wide, i worked at Glastonbury as security but unfortunately didn’t have the pleasure of meeting you.
    I hope you find peace in your future and become what you dream

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  8. Hi Laura. First things first – I feel compelled to write to you, but please don’t dismiss me as a crazy! I may be crazy, but please accept a comment from what might be described as a healing witch in the UK. I’m also clairsentient, which means I can intuit senses and feelings from blogs and e-mails. Your bravery, stamina and sheer determination leave me awed. One phrase caught my attention – the bit about killing your spirit – not true, that’s so not true. Trauma, abuse and other rotten stuff from life can kill people in reality. But you – no. I sense a refusal to give up and a need to carry on, which is reflected in your words. And I wish you every encouragement on your journey in future. If you want to talk again, you have my mail address and my name. Bright blessings.

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  9. Your powerful words have touched me. I sit here wondering if you, a complete stranger, are okay. I will never know the trauma you have gone thru’, but as a man I feel guilty for what has been done to you and feel like I should apologise for what my half of the species has done to you. I’ve spend my adult life in a battle with depression, and seeing your words on the matter is all too familiar to me and it’s brought me to tears. I am glad you have turned 1. I hope you have many more. I am at the point of giving up completely and have never bothered with the helplines – because I’m not worth the time or effort and someone more in need wouldn’t get heard – and I’m scared. I wish I had your courage, not only to have tried but to have begun to put your life back together. I hope you are okay.

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  10. Its been a while since I have read such a touching story. Utterly heartbreaking yet truly inspirational.
    I wish you all the best on your journey and may all your dreams come true. x

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  11. I have just stumbled across your blog site. I have just recently started one myself. It’s helping me to process everything that has got me to where I am now. My blogs are not public. I admire that yours are. That you speak so openly and honestly. You are very inspirational. Keep being strong 😘

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  12. Bonjour, Je ne parle pas très bien anglais, mais j’ai lu votre histoire, et je souhaiterais vous aider et aussi devenir ami. Je suis français, j’espère que cela n’est pas un inconvénient pour vous.
    Si vous voyez mon commentaires, je vous ai laisser mon adresse email et ci-dessous, voici la traduction de ce texte en anglais.

    Hello, I do not speak English very well, but I read your story, and I would like to help you and also become a friend. I am French, I hope this is not a disadvantage for you.
    If you see my comments, I leave you my email address

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  13. Your story (so far) touched my soul.
    Happiness……It’s out there waiting for you to grab it! Don’t ever give up because it wants to be caught :-). Lots of hugs to you Laura.


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  14. Dear Laura,

    I just read your letter on the New Statesman website. I’ve never wanted to hug someone more. No words can do justice to what happened to you and the strength you are showing, but it’s important you know just how admired you are by complete strangers as well as (I’m sure) those close to you. Keep going and good luck with all your future endeavours.

    A big hug for you.

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  15. Hi there. I know someone with Michael Eavis’ email and am working on forwarding your beautiful open letter! Please keep on fighting and writing. Sending you hugs and blessings as you get through this. ❤️

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  16. I also just wanted to say, remove the struggling. I’m an actress. If you add the struggling, then that’s how it will be. You’re an actress all you need is an audience, whether it’s an audience of 1. Create and love your work and remove the struggle.

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